ANTARI M-7RGBA Geyser type fogger


Designed as a CO2 jet simulator, it can generate vertical fog output and function atany angle (360&deg,). Its hidden fluid tank makes it easy and safe for transport.Includes RGBA LED panel.

1550W CO2 jet simulator
- Power: AC120V, 50Hz-60Hz
- Warm-up time: 5 min
- Output: 5 m (height), 1 m (width)
- Max. operating time: 8 sec bursts
- Tank capacity: 2.4 L
- Fluid consumption: 150 mL/min
- Control: On-board control panel,wireless remote DMX master/slave
- Remote: W-2 wireless (included)
- Weight: 11.5 kg
- Dimensions (L x W x H):345 mm x 193 mm x 385.7 mm
- Recommended fluid: Antari FLC,water-based

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